Premanent prevention of unsightly and destructive rodent burrows and tunnels

Burrowing animals such as rats, chipmunks, gophers, groundhogs and nutria can dig beneath the ground and ruin landscaping, chew through cables and destroy dikes and levees. In order to prevent these animals from wreaking havoc beneath the ground, you need XCLUDER GEO.

XCLUDER GEO uses coarse stainless steel fibers bound to a porous geotextile to form an impenetrable barrier against burrowing pests. XCLUDER GEO installs under landscaping and allows grass and small plants to grow through, thus being an invisible force against pests. XCLUDER GEO is non-toxic and safe for the environment, and is very easy to install. XCLUDER GEO's stainless fibers are non corroding, making GEO last indefinitely.

Where is XCLUDER Geo used?

XCLUDER Geo is currently protecting many public and private sites including:
  • Tree Pits
  • Shopping Mall Landscapes
  • Planters
  • Parks
  • Sports Fields
  • River and Canal Banks
  • Retention Ponds
  • National Historic Sites
  • Outdoor Amphitheatres


  • Thicker, heavier fibers for outdoor use
Landscape Friendly
  • Installs under landscaping
  • Allows grass, small plants to grow through
  • Easily foam-fits around trees and shrubs
Permanent Protection
  • Stops burrowing
  • Use in gardens, lawns, golf courses, planters, levees, river banks and parks

Proven To Work

XCLUDER GEO has stopped large burrowing animals from damaging canal banks in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.


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