“The material has performed flawlessly and we are very happy.”
Jeff Kiser
Public Work Director
City of Anderson, CA

“One of the few products that lives up to it's description...very pliable, cost effective and convenient to use. I will be using Xcluder on all my exclusion jobs.”
Gene Quigley
Customer Service Supervisor
Western Exterminator Company/Sacramento, CA

“Xcluder is very popular. The guys love it. Already ordered twice from you and will order more soon.”
Andy Linares
Pest Management Professional
Bug Off Pest Control Center

“They offered to sell me Stuf-Fit, but I wanted to try your product.”
John Kimak
Kimak Pest Management

“We have switched totally over from using copper to using Xcluder due to the ease of use and how it looks once it is in place... great product!”
Brad Clement
Pest Control Technician
Interstate Pest Management

“We have a new house with one major (and common) brick house design flaw: most of the brick weep holes are large enough to allow field mice to enter the house. After several months of killing mice inside the house, I ordered the Xcluder product. The product is very easy to work with. It took me only a few hours to install the material in about 200 weep holes. I expect it will work well as advertised. It also has the benefit that even if a mouse manages to remove it from an opening, I will then know where it succeeded and I will then pack that hole with even more of the material.”
Steve A.
Richmond, TX